Long time, no post….

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Well A LOT has changed since my last post.

My Stepkids are teens now as well as my oldest. My two younger kids are both in Elementary School. We moved away from the West Coast to the south. The Biological “Muther” moved out of the continuous US. Stepson, now a teen, has moved back with his Muther and Stepdaughter (whom is close to adulthood) has remained with me. Oh and my Husband and I….. well we got divorced. 6 days ago.

It has been a rough 6 days and I am not up for the details as of now but maybe blogging again will help me. In fact, it has been a rough 4 years. I really have had a tough marriage. Although a good portion of it was great…. there is just too much sadness and hurt to go on the way we were. We agreed to everything, it only took 29 days to end a marriage that we had been in over 10 years.

I will be doing my best to post daily. I am looking forward to the “writing therapy.”


Things are going well….

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For the most part, things are going well. My Stepdaughter still refuses to see her Mother… its been since October of 2010 since she consistently has gone. She went two times, only to come home early both times.  We recently forced her to have lunch with her Mother on Saturdays when her Mother comes to Stepsons basketball games.

The Biological mother thinks my stepdaughter is crazy. she seriously wants to have her committed. lol Stepdaughter has seen 3 therapists in 5 years and all of them say the problem is the Biological Mother, not stepdaughter.

Stepdaughter has made Honor Roll two semesters in a row now. She is thriving and doing so well….

Stepson is doing very well too. He got all Outstandings on his report card again!!! very proud of them both. (And of coarse my new Kindergartener and my oldest son who are both doing soooo great!!!!)

Can’t teach an old dog new tricks

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So…. advice needed. BM sent an email yesterday stating she wants the kids to switch weekends so they can attend her college graduation in May 2012. That is a reasonable request, we think. But she wants to pick them up on a Wednesday night and keep them out of school for TWO days to be able to go. This is during the end of the school year and SD12 has to have her attendance up to be able to graduate herself (8th grade grad) and we get nasty grams when the kids miss school. DH and I think 2 days is excessive to miss school. We told her thanks for advance notice and that we would make sure they do not have testing that week (CST testing ect, or end of year testing) and get back to her. She replies with, “They MUST attend the graduation.” What are your thoughts??

Keep in mind she lost custody PARTIALLY because HER schooling was more important than theirs. She let them “drown while she was doing well to better herself.” (Judges words, not mine) We want them to go, it IS important but two days??? The graduation only takes a couple hours, not a couple days.

God helps those who help themselves.

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God helps those who help themselves..

God helps those who help themselves.

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– George Herbert (1593-1632)

This is my Motto for today. This totally goes along with how my day is going to go.

The kids Mom was looked down upon in court because A. She never made them appointments when CLEARLY they needed to see a doctor. And B. When the kids finally lived with us and they WERE going to the doctor for all the crap she neglected, she NEVER showed up, was never a part of what went on and then complained when her opinion was not considered when treatment was planned.

Keep in mind that these are NOT the only things that she was criticized for but they are relevant to today so these are the major ones I am mentioning today.

Also, keep in mind that we have sent her 2 or 3 emails about today spanning the week and to this second, have not received a response from her. Stepson has a treatment being done today at his doctor. She is not working (unless she has another job we are unaware of, which could be but doubtful) and she is more than welcome to be there for Stepson. I figured since tomorrow is her day to take him that maybe we both could save a trip and he could go today. She has not answered….

To top that off, Stepson will need a follow up appointment in 4-5 weeks. During that 4-5 weeks Stepson will be WITH HIS MOM. So, we have asked her about scheduling his follow up appointment as well. We have him ONE weekday in July but not until 5 pm. So, making it during our time when it is supposed to be is going to be…. um, difficult.

We gave her some options. 1. Text/call her when we make the appointment so she can say yes or no to what works for her, since I not know her schedule. 2. She can call when we are finished today and make the appointment during her time. 3. We could make it for the one weekday he is home next month but drop off would need to be earlier that day to accommodate. We also mentioned her taking him to the appointment on that day and we would take him home from there to make drop off easier.

…….. We have heard NOTHING. NOT one word.

So, I cannot presume to know what is going on with her but this is actually VERY like her and nothing is new about it.

So, I am sure she still sees herself as the victim here and that she was “robbed of HER kids.” When that fact remains that she has done nothing…. and I mean NOTHING, to change her life to even try to get her kids back. She has not been tho their appointments, she probably won’t be there today…. but she will surely b*tch and moan about any choices made for future appointments or treatments needed.


So, she DID actually get back to me, RIGHT BEFORE I LEFT the house and said that she was NOT going to be there. Surprise, Surprise. Everything was good except Stepson admitted to eating popcorn at his Mom’s house with braces on when the doc wanted to know why his wires were bent. NICE!!! NOT!!! We were told he was not allowed to eat popcorn with braces not ever and of coarse, she does what she wants anyway. Stoopid woman, well this is why WE have custody and she doesn’t, because she cannot keep her crap in one sack or make her kids do anything they are supposed to do. (Or not do as the case may be)

Double Standards?

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So, has anyone else noticed that there is always a double standard when it comes to divorced people?

For example:

One parent can remarry, while the other one is criticized for doing the same thing.

One parent can have/make the kids call their Significant other “Mom” or “Dad” but the other “stepparent” is not “Mom” or “Dad”.

One parent has an obligation to the kids while the other doesn’t IF the roles are reversed (and maybe if they aren’t reversed) This could be financially or otherwise.

One parent can alienate the kids but OMG! If the other parent gets a hint of alienation from the other parent they scream PAS so loud that China could hear them from California.

One parent can be late to pick up or drop off the kids by hours, but the other even hints via text that they might be late, OMG the world might end.

And why is it that the kids can do it, too?? Why can the kids pick up the habits of the “double standard parent” and it is ok…… well until the kid picks up the other parents standard, then it is not ok…..


Sorry just rambling about something my Stepson and I addressed today. We can go back to our regularly scheduled programs.

Our Attorney wants a conference call with Husband and the Ex?

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So, it is obvious that the Ex no longer has an attorney. Otherwise our attorney would not be asking for a conference call between the 3 of them. Hmmmmm, that is odd. Husband is at work so it won’t be anytime today but i will post updates.

On another note, Biomom called Stepson9 last night AFTER his bedtime. WTF?? She knows his bedtime is the same time every night. And he called her before dinner. It took her that long to call back? She used to criticize Husband for that…. o how the tables have turned. So, she talked to him this morning instead. He came out of his room smiling from ear to ear. No doubt she told him something nasty that will make me want to knock her block off. All well, I am not worried about it. She can say what ever she likes, she has to actually follow through, something she has never done in the 8 years I have been around.



Our attorney has withdrawn from the case so BM has no choice but to deal with us on this matter. She is trying to rack up a bill for me and I do not think that is cool at all. So, no conference call is going to happen.